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Web Capture

A simple microservice that captures a screenshot of a URL and saves the image to an S3 bucket.

This project serves as an example of how to:

  • Read request body
  • Return a 200 SUCCESS result
  • Return a 4xx FAILURE result
  • Serialize and deserialize objects with Gson
  • Package code into a ZIP file for deployment
  • Save files to an S3 bucket
  • Use the simple queue service
  • Utilize both Java and Node.J8 in a Lambda micro service
  • Enable CORS with Lambda proxy services
  • Run executables from a Lambda container
  • Internationalize text (Java)

Tools and Technologies

This project assumes that you are using:

  • IntelliJ community
  • Java 8
  • Node.JS 8
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway w/ Lambda Proxy integration

Running the Code

As there are two separate projects, and using AWS, there's a bit more configuration involved.

The gist:

  • Create a simple queue service (SQS)
  • Create an API gateway
  • Create an S3 bucket
  • Create two Lambda microservices, one Java and one Node.JS
    • Hook up the API Gateway as a trigger to the Java microservice
    • Hook up the SQS as a trigger to the Node.JS microservice
  • Configure microservices to use appropriate configurations and permissions to access
    • S3 putting/reading files
    • SQS putting/reading messages
    • CloudWatch creating logs
  • Configure environment variables within Lambda dashboard
    • Java
      • Target_S3Bucket
      • Target_SQSQueue
    • NodeJS
      • TARGET_S3
      • TARGET_SQS

Sample Project

There's a demo project under the "Example" folder, that will perform the actions needed to:

  • Submit a JSON request with a placeholder image to screenshot a URL, and
  • Allow the user to refresh the placeholder image to determine if the URL has a screenshot



Microservice to capture website screenshots







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