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A share button for your Mastodon's instance
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Mastodon Share

A share button for Mastodon Social Network

First usage

Go to the option panel of the plugin and set your Mastodon instance url.


Share pages on Mastodon

Share pages

Share a text selection on Mastodon

Share a text selection

Share from Twitter to Mastodon

Share from twitter

Automatic hashtags

When you share a page, hashtags has generated from page keywords

Configuration panel

Configuration panel

Download the public extension

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

How to build the extension from sources

You need to have nodejs with npm installed

  • Open command line console / terminal
  • Set "npm install"
  • Set "gulp"
  • The extension is compiled for chrome and firefox and placed on "build" directory (do not use "src" directory to install the extension in your browser)

How to help on translation

In tools directory launch i18n.bat /

i18n tool

  • Choose the locale you want to test (default is "en" for English)
  • A chrome browser window opening in the selected lang.
  • Test the extension

You can edit the locales files in the "/src/_locales/" directory.

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