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phpFreeChat, a free, simple, fast and customizable chat server
You only have to copy/paste 3 lines of code[21] to have a nice
working chat.
No need to configure a database (Mysql), messages and nicknames are
stored in files.
No problems with firewalls, this script is based on HTTP so you only
need a web browser and an internet connection. (everyone can easily
No problems with none-latin characteres ! Are you Russian, Japanese,
Turk, Chinese, or Arabic? Whatever language you speak, phpfreechat
will nicely display your characters because it uses XML with UTF8 to
encode characters.
AJAX technology is used to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display
the chat and nickname zone.
Messages and nicknames are stored into a simple filesystem, so that
server resources are saved as much as possible.
Bandwidth is preserved because the server never transmits the same
data twice, only new messages are transmitted.
You can write your own customized CSS stylesheets, to completely
change the appearance[22] of your chat.
All chat functionalities are customizable. For example, you can
change the messages refresh time, you can ban users for changing
their usernames, etc.
The plugin system[23] allows you to write your own storage routines.
For example, you can write a plugin to store the conversations into
your database.
phpFreeChat is an opensource (LGPL) program, so that you can freely
use it and modify it.
I just ask, by gratitude, to keep the linkback logo on the pages of
your chat.
All phpFreeChat commands are inspired by the irc[24] protocol, and its
interface is inspired by mIRC[25] and XChat[26], so that users won't be
Techonologies used by phpFreeChat are:
* PHP[27] : on the server side : conversations are simply stored in
* XAJAX[28] : for the asynchronous communication between the client
and the server
(phpFreeChat does NOT require MySQL, or any SQL database)
©2006 phpFreeChat
List of References
Document's URL:
[22] customize.en.html#cust-css
[23] customize.en.html#container-plug
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