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replace packnode by uglify-js

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commit 3e8faf2b19a5551b63e3f1d70b3523b00d634c55 1 parent c193837
Stéphane Gully authored
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  1. +1 −1  Makefile
2  Makefile
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ setup-minify:
# compress javascript and css
minify: $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.js $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.*.js $(path)/client/themes/*/jquery.phpfreechat.less $(path)/client/themes/*/jquery.phpfreechat.*.less
- $(shell cat $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.js $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.*.js | packnode > $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.min.js)
+ $(shell cat $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.js $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.*.js | uglifyjs -c 2> /dev/null > $(path)/client/jquery.phpfreechat.min.js)
$(shell for f in `ls client/themes/*/jquery.phpfreechat.less`; do lessc $$f `echo $$f | sed s/.less/.css/g`; done)
$(shell for f in `ls client/themes/*/jquery.phpfreechat.css`; do cleancss $$f > `echo $$f | sed s/.css/.min.css/g`; done)
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