This utility used the retiderd Google Web Search API. Please use `googler` instead:


The power of Google Search in your command line.

The CLI displays results from the Google Web Search API, allows you to page through the results, and choose a page to view, all without leaving the command line.

Hosted on RubyGems.

Screenshot of `google` in action!


gem install google # Requires Ruby 1.9

Usage Examples

Typing google --help will list all the available commands. They are also listed here.

The google gem is a simple tool to search Gooogle with via a CLI.
    google [options] "my search query string here"
where [options] are:
        --page, -p <i>:   Start by showing the <i>th result page. (Default: 1)
        --size, -s <i>:   Show <i> results on each SERP. Must be between 1 and 8. (Default: 4)
      --result, -r <i>:   Skip the SERP and show the <i>th result.
           --lucky, -l:   I'm feeling lucky! Skip the SERP and show the first result. (Alias to --result 1)
  --no-readability, -e:   Filter the results through readability to get rid of extra content. (Default: true)
     --no-markdown, -m:   Change the results from raw HTML to markdown. (Default: true)
         --version, -v:   Print the version and exit.
            --help, -h:   Show this information and exit.

I'm Feeling Lucky into Less

google -l 'how to install nvidia drivers debian squeeze' | less

Search on a single site

google ' NADD'

Vanity Search

google '"Kerrick Long" -inurl:kerrick -inurl:kerricklong'


  • You have access to all the search operators you've come to know and love in Google Search.

  • If using the --lucky or --result flags, you can pipe the results into any other unix command.

  • Results are filtered through Readability, so you only get the relevant content. (Shoutout to Ruby Readability!)

  • Results are shown in markdown for a good balance between legibility and document heirarchy. (Shoutout to reverse_markdown!)

  • Results pages are formatted to look like a Google SERP, including colors, domains, descriptions, and bold search matches. (Shoutout to formatador!)

  • You can pipe a result into another unix command! At the prompt, type the number of the result, followed by a pipe as normal. Note that utilities such as less and more that need to control the display don't work.

For example,

Enter N or P for pagination, E or Q to quit, or a number to see that result.
> 3 | espeak -a 200 -v en-us

Supported Ruby Versions

This library has only been tested against Ruby 1.9.3. Other versions might be supported, but they haven't been tested.

Notable Forks

  • 21croissants/google: Google Search in your command line, then copy a search result link to your clipboard (OS X, Linux, Win)


This gem is Powered by Google.


Copyright (c) 2012 Kerrick Long. See LICENSE for details.