Anki plugin to generate Chinese flashcards for a given text (e.g. an article)
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Chinese-Prestudy is an Anki 2.1 plugin that helps you generate flashcards for a body of text so that you can learn the text's vocabulary before you read it.

There is more information, including usage instructions, in this blog post.

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If you want to contribute back to this project, follow these instructions:


  1. You'll want a computer running Linux. macOS may work too. Windows will not.
  2. You need Anki 2.1 installed.
  3. Install Python dependencies:
pip3 install --user chinesevocablist chineseflashcards genanki jieba cached_property pystache yaml


To try out your code, run

make install

and restart Anki to see the effects. You may need to uninstall your existing copy of the plugin if you got it from AnkiWeb, otherwise you'll have two copies of the plugin installed.

There are also some (currently, not very many) unit tests. You can run those with

make test

Some changes may belong in chinesevocablist, chineseflashcards, or genanki. If you want to change one of these packages, check it out from GitHub, make your change, and then run make install in the package's directory followed by make install in this directory and restart Anki.