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Chinese Vocab List

A list of Chinese vocabulary words with definitions, pronunciations, and example sentences. Under a CC-BY-SA license. See chinese_vocab_list.yaml for the list itself.

Used by the Chinese Prestudy Anki addon. See this blog post for more details.

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There are a few ways to contribute:

  • Making changes to the source code in src/.
  • Making changes files in contrib_files/:
    • subtlex_dupes.yaml lists words that are redundant with other words. For example, 身上: 身 in that file means that instead of learning the word "身上", someone should just learn the word "身".
    • preferred_entries.yaml indicates which entries from CC-CEDICT are the best to use for each word. Only needed when you increase the size of the vocab list and it complains because it finds a word with multiple definition. Note: some words have multiple meanings that are worth learning but are split across different entries in CC-CEDICT. For example, 只 and 面. I don't have a good way to represent these in chinese_vocab_list.yaml yet.
  • Directly modifying chinese_vocab_list.yaml.

If you change src/ or contrib_files/, be sure to run make chinese_vocab_list.yaml and check in both your changes and the generated changes to chinese_vocab_list.yaml.

If you change chinese_vocab_list.yaml, there might be a bit of delay merging your PR because right now I don't have a way to ensure that when someone makes manual changes, they won't be overwritten the next time someone re-generates the list. I'll have to figure out a workflow when we get there.


A curated YAML list of Chinese vocabulary words with definitions and example sentences, plus a Python API




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