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A rogue walker framework for an IPRUG coding challenge

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|_______|___|  |___|__||_______|_______|

## And the Ampersand of Power!

This month we have a challenge of epic proportions. We are going to hunt the "Ampersand of Power".
But not ourselves, that would be far too dangerous, health and safety would have a field day. No,
we're going to build AI walkers to do the job for us.

## Rules

The aim is to get to the "&" in level_4, to get there you must traverse the other 3 levels, getting to the
next level is achieved by moving to the down stairs symbol ">".

1) 1 move per update call, in any direction (including diagonals
2) Only look at your surroundings
3) Fastest time wins (we'll remove the sleep call to time them)
4) Any other rules I make up on the night :)

## Installation

1) git clone
copy the files

2) bundle install

3) ruby game.rb
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