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Use Adafruit's Si4713 FM transmitter breakout-board with your Raspberry Pi!
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Python class for connecting to the Adafruit Si4713 (FM transmitter) breakout-board

Code reused from Adafruit's example code and Hansipete's original code. Converted into a reusable class by djazz/daniel-j. Uses Adafruit_I2C and RPi.GPIO, make sure those are available!

Original code is from this Adafruit forums thread:

This file is included in this repo:

Don't forget to enable I2C! If you're on Raspbian, use sudo raspi-config and enable it.

How to use

Connect the board's I2C pins to the RPi I2C pins and the reset pin to GPIO4 (right next to the I2C/SPI pins). You can use 5V or 3V3 to power the board. Connect an audio source to the transmitter. Start the example code with sudo python2 Tune in to 101.0 MHz, and you should hear whatever audio you're inputting to the board. You should (if you have an RDS/RBDS supporting FM radio) see the station title too!

Happy pi-casting!

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