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Various algorithms πŸ’Ž πŸŽ“
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Data Structures
Hello World

Algorithms 4 everyone!

This repository is a big container for various types of algorithms. Sadly, it is a little bit poor - it needs you to be improved!


If you have git:

$ mkdir Algorithms
$ cd Algorithms
$ git clone

If you don't have git download the zip here

How to help

  • Look at the issues: if you find something that you can do, answer the issue and make this repo grow! Remember: all the code will be reviewed by me and accepted only if the code follows the rules specified in every issue. Don't pull requests if you know that your code doesn't follow all the rules!
  • If you have some algorithms that you'd like to insert in the repo I suggest you to open an issue (so I can give you some advices), but you can directly open a pull request.

Rules for Contribution

  • The code must be full of comments (we have to understand what the code is doing!)
  • The code must be in the Proper Directory
  • The code must be clear - please don't use little known functionalities!
  • The code must be properly Indented
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