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BROBOT (Plugins)


brobot is a simple, extensible IRC bot written in Python, created by Michael Keselman.

  • IRC library written from scratch, following current python standards
  • Easy to use plugin interface that lets you
    • Code functionality for commands
    • Hook into any IRC event
  • Free and Open Source
  • Flexible YAML settings file

How To Use

  1. Clone the repository

    $ git clone git:// brobot
  2. Copy the example settings file

    $ cp settings.example.yml settings.yml
  3. Modify the settings to connect to the right servers, channels, etc.

  4. Optionally write some plugins, and put them in the plugins directory
  5. Run the script

    $ python


  • Write good responses for most of the codes in the IRC protocol
  • Write documentation for writing plugins (Command and Event)
  • Clean up to make executation sequence clearer
  • Buffer output to prevent Excess Flood
  • Handle potential errors when parsing IRC messages
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