Make your own unhosted website! Requires a web server with root access and javascript skills. Check in irc:// if stuff doesn't work for you.
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Please log in to #unhosted on so we can help you get this working on your server.

This code is published under the AGPL license. It's what you need to build your own unhosted website, which means it consists of two halves:

  • a 'hello world' unhosted web app which you can change to turn it into your own unhosted web app.
  • an unhosted storage node: any user accounts you create on here automatically become usable as unhosted accounts on other people's unhosted websites.

This code is still quite young, and should be considered 'alpha'. We welcome your suggestions and improvements! Here's how you install it:

Unless you already have one, follow HELP-GETTING-A-SERVER to get a server with:
    - apache
    - php
    - root access
    - a (sub-)domain pointing to it, e.g., which you can use.
Follow HELP-UPLOADING-THIS-SDK to upload this SDK to it.