Annyang JS + WebRTC + Plivo API
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  1. Say "Total Numbers" and it shall listen to the "Master" and will return the total number of #s in the account

  2. Say "Status" and it will oblige you as a master and will return the status of the Plivo API service.

  3. Say "Call Number 1xxxxxxxxx" and it will call that number and you can just start talking.

  4. Homepage: alt tag

  5. Click here for description: alt tag

  6. Homepage#description alt tag

  7. Speaking "Call" will take you to call page: alt tag

  8. Now say "Call Number " Eg: Call number 120xxxxxxxx. If the remote party gets the ring then: alt tag

  9. Once the call is connected dialpad will popup with a smooth fade in: alt tag

  10. After call completion: alt tag


Django Version: 1.5