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Bing wallpaper of the day application for Gnome desktop

Little utility to browse/download/setting bing's wallpaper of the day to Gnome desktop by @keshavbhatt of and others 

License: MIT

Nightly and stable Build on any snapd enabled Linux Distribution can be installed using:

bing-wall bing-wall

Get it from the Snap Store

snap install bing-wall

AUR for Arch based distributions


  • Allows list bing wallpaper of the day for 10 Countries (All supported by bing API).
  • Simple to use neat interface.
  • Allow Downloading of wallpapers and saving them to a browsable location.
  • Downloaded wallpapers are accessible from with the application.
  • Set wallpaper of the day as you LogIn to your system.
  • Option to show Info Watermark on wallpaper.
  • Dark Theme.

Command Line Mode:

Set wallpaper of the day without opening the GUI with single command. bing-wall --set

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** utilises power of the following tools and technologies :**

  • Qt GUI Framework 5.5.1
  • Gnome Desktop 'gsettings'
  • Qt
  • C++11
  • JSON
  • API
  • for continuous build and delivery through for all major Linux distributions supporting snapd

Build requirement

Qt >=5.5.1

Build instructions With all build requirements in place go to project root and execute:


qmake (or qmake-qt5, depending on your distro)

Execute, from build directory run :


 ScreenShots: (could be old)

BingWall for Linux Desktop BingWall for Linux Desktop BingWall for Linux Desktop