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Olivia Banner Art

Olivia - Elegant music player for LINUX

by @keshavbhatt of and [others] (  Olivia hits mark of 5000+ active users already

Snap Status License: MIT Average time to resolve an issue Percentage of issues still open

Nightly Build on any snapd enabled Linux Distribution can be installed using:

olivia olivia

Get it from the Snap Store

snap install olivia

Arch Linux (AUR):

Arch Linux User's Repository Maintainer Popularity Popularity


  • Olivia helps you discover new music and videos like no other service do.
  • Smart Music recommendation, can get you songs related to any song.
  • Allows organise music and videos at one place.
  • Olivia can save track while you are streaming it, this saves your bandwidth.
  • Olivia never stops playing song for you with its smart playlist feature it automatically starts playing related songs for you once your playlist ends.
  • Watch or Download Video for any song in different audio video formats and quality.
  • Allows search YouTube and add result to library, sort results and all other YouTube features like browse channels.
  • Plays audio only of YouTube streams (saves data bandwidth).
  • Support themes , Dynamic theme based on album art.
  • Intelligent Music Search suggestions engine integrated.
  • Player Mini mode aminimal player widget with always on capability and allows set transparency and make it act like a desktop widget.
  • Switch to Smart mode and sit back, olivia will play songs for you automatically.
  • Internet radio, allows play more than 25k online radio stations, list them sort them according to most played , most voted, language wise, country wise and by tags .
  • Olivia lets you browse new music according to your location.
  • Olivia lets you discover music based on their genres, moods and more.
  • Its easy to discover new music - singles, albums etc easily at one place.
  • Top music chart, allows list top 100 songs country wise.
  • Top albums chart, allows list top 100 albums county wise.
  • Beautiful Client side Decoration.
  • Lyrics of playing songs and separate lyrics search.
  • Powerful audio equalizers and audio filters.
  • MPRIS protocol support.
  • Audio export with meta tags and album art.
  • More features like cloud synchronisation of your Liked Music is coming soon, so you will be able to get your music back no matter where you are.

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Olivia utilises power of the following tools and technologies :

  • Qt GUI Framework 5.5.1
  • Bash, wget, socat, tee and other utilities that comes with "coreutils" package
  • MPV Player
  • Youtube-dl
  • LibTag
  • C++11
  • Python
  • Lua
  • for continuous build and delivery through for all major Linux distributions supporting snapd
  • "Arch User Repository" for distribution of app to Arch Linux users.

Build requirement

Qt >=5.5.1 with these modules
    - libqt5sql5-sqlite
    - libqt5webkit5 (must)
    - libqt5x11extras5
mpv >= 0.29.1
coreutils >=8.25
socat >=
python >=2.7
wget >=1.17.1

Build instructions With all build requirements in place go to project root and execute:


qmake (or qmake-qt5, depending on your distro)

Execute :


 Or build a snap package Copy snap directory from project root and paste it somewhere else (so the build will not mess with source code) Run :


Try snap with :

snap try

Install snap with

snap install --dangerous name_of_snap_file

ScreenShots: (can be old) Olivia Youtube plugin for Olivia on the play Olivia Playing Internet radio


keshavbhatt Bleuzen