Generate random or prespecified beautiful circular gradients in bitmap format.
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Generate random or prespecified beautiful circular gradients! 100% original code. Use through a command prompt.

->Usage: grad_gen <output filename> <width> <height> [<random seed>]

->Different seed values produce different results, but a given seed value will produce the same result everytime.

->If seed value is not given, program asks for centers, and intensities of colours.

->Note that max height and width are 700! The output is in bitmap (.bmp) format.

->Made by Keshav Gupta.
Consider giving credit if you use this program's output!

Tell me if you liked it, find any bugs, or have any suggestions!

#other platforms (Edit: I have now added a Unix Executable) The source will not be made available right now. You can contact me at, to get compiled binaries for other platforms. I will try to reply within 48 hours.