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JSTV Suite and Gamecora TV

JSTV is the internet player. It plays a sequence of Javascript/CSS animated scenes described via JSON and using a video-like interface.

JSTVC and Aggro can work together with JSTV for picking resources from Twitter and RSS feeds and creating a dynamic sequence of scenes. This package includes Gamecora TV, a full fledged dynamic channel about games and hosted here.

Helping Gamecora TV

Do you want to suggest a new newsfeed, correct typos, suggest a new tagging structure for the official hosted version of Gamecora TV?

  • Branch JSTV
  • Update the jstv-assets/gamecora/sources/feeds.ods using LibreOffice
  • Copy the first 5 columns and paste them into jstv-assets/gamecora/sources/feeds.tsv. They should appear as tab-separated values.
  • Run jstv-assets/gamecora/sources/
  • Commit everything
  • Propose your patch

There aren't so many contributions for now, so that should be enough for an official integrated way. You can also propose new feeds or suggestions via mail or GitHub tools.


JSTV, JSTVC and Aggro are contained into the jstv/ folder - that's all you need. Further information are available on index-jstv.html.


A set of ideas that could be implemented in the future.


  • Server-to-server cache update. It can be useful in order to full refresh cache from remote servers.
  • channel structure to channel content conversion server-side (that means JSTVC porting on server side).It could be nice but after some tries I understood that switching everything to node.js can make everything easier and faster.


  • Add content cutting via {pick:"keyname"}. If contents are too long to be fully rendered, why show them entirely? :)
  • Turn on video preolading in youtube.js renderer. It can be switched on and off from configuration but it's not working on some legacy/stripped down browsers.
  • Images preloading from scenes. It can take a long while on startup but it help stripping invisible/small images and will be shown faster on screen during playback.
  • On jstvt.js use csssupport() in reset() command. It can make DOM node reset faster but seems that some CSS features aren't correctly detected (like borderRadius). reset() is not massively used in the code and that makes this optimization not relevant.
  • A "skip this scene" button on current position indicator. You can click on the left or on the right near any handle to move by a single unit (scene/volume) but an explicit button can make this feature more clear.

Hall of shame

Sadly many mobile browsers quite sucks on embedding videos and doing CSS3 animations due to outdated browsers or imposed limitations. I hope that this list will be kept short.

  • Safari on iOS devices While CSS3 animations are quite good, it can't autoplay YouTube videos... :(
  • Firefox on Windows Sometime it fails on linking JS interface so JSTV can't be called on video end. youtube.js is forcing HTML5 videos so this issue should be partially solved.
  • IE on XBOX360 While IE10 seems giving best results here, its XBOX360 incarnation seems pretty limited. No animations and bad graphics.
  • WiiU Browser Like the iOS devices Safari, good animations but no YouTube autoplay.
  • Older Android phones stock browser like Galaxy Ace. Everything works except for no text in news. Mmm.
  • PSVita Browser HTML5 or Flash not supported... that's what YouTube is saying. The rest is working quite good!
  • 3DS Browser Surprisingly, everything works well except for the usual YouTube embeds and custom fonts.


The internet player. (and the procedural gaming TV Gamecora)



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