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"The Last Of At" - A Fanfictional Tribute Survival Roguelike in 1K of JS By KesieV (c) 2014

A mysterious mushroom infected humanity and is turning it in a deadly horde of zombies! But there's still hope: with the right amount of mushroom roots, extracted from a certain type of zombie, a vaccine can be synthetized! With the help of Dollie, your surprisingly zombie-immune young partner, you'll start your deadly journey in the ultimate attempt to save humanity!

Move Joet @ with arrows. Dollie $, your partner, will follow you. Avoid or kill weak 1-2, medium 3-4) or strong zombies 5-6-7-8-9 and reach the next zone ^. Collect bandages + to gain HP, knives / to kill strong zombies in one hit and vials U to increase your score.

Your mission is to collect mushroom root vials you can obtain cutting them from strong zombies only. You've to hunt them so explore each zone, look for an exit to the next one and try to not get killed. You can damage zombies hitting them, dealing 1 damage point. When a zombie reaches 0 it will die. Zombies killed with standard attacks could drop a bandage or a knife.

The knife kills strong zombies in one hit: a strong zombie always drops something, such as another knife, a bandage or a mushroom root vial. Collect them! Humanity depends on you!

Zombies can attack you too and they will deal as much damage as their size so face zombies carefully. Strong and medium zombies are blind and they will move randomly but weak zombies are able to hear you! You won't be alone: Dollie will follow you, covering your back since she's immune of zombies but keep in mind that you can't displace her - especially in narrow corridors!

Good luck!


  • An open mini-roguelike in 1024 bytes of uncrushed T-shirt friendly JS!
  • Randomized maps with rooms and corridors!
  • Generates floors or caves with obstacles or empty rooms!
  • Progressive complexity of the map and number of enemies!
  • Raycasting!
  • Enemies with different size and classes!
  • Simple combat system!
  • Inventory!
  • Knives, bandages and vials to pick up!
  • In-game narration and dramatic turn of events! (?!)
  • Game ending!
  • Dollie will help (or bug) you!

Thanks to:

One More Thing:

Play this game here. More info here.

Last warning

If you don't want to spoil yourself the ending don't read source code comments!


A Fanfictional Tribute Survival Roguelike in 1K of JS.






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