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kesiev edited this page Sep 13, 2010 · 15 revisions

Welcome to the akihabara wiki blog of fortune!
One day I’ll use this for writing some documentation, but for now more “vital” features are needed.

8 Jun 2010

Safari 5 was released and is a good thing for Akihabara, since fixes some issues with audio. I’ve committed a little patch that removes audio on Safari from the experimental features. Audio is for all, now! Well… all of us… ;)

6 Jun 2010

In these days I’m working on another project on my GF but I’ll back soon. Meanwhile I’ve committed an update to the Solitude demo. Now should be easier to add more stages :)

2 Jun 2010

Committing the new resource loader, audio support and so on. Everything is experimental as usual but I hope that will add some fun. Release notes here
I’ll update docs soon. Thank you all!

21 May 2010

Another quick update: while I’m waiting some astral conjunction (have an iPad, wait a new Safari release (read: more stable), wait music artists finishing their awesome works etc.) I’m adding external resources loader and async resources. Yes, in theory you can download your stages data when needed. Meanwhile, have a look to this dummy guy playing a Guitar Hero clone written in Javascript and HTML5 using the Wii’s Guitar Controller on YouTube .
Well. It’s me.

14 May 2010

Quick update: some of the chiptune artists I’ve contacted answered and, meanwhile demos are filling up (the most uncomplete is Solitude – the artists I’ve called never answered) I’m trying to replicate and solve some of the most common audio scenarios on the browsers and platforms I can test. I’m quite happy of results and, if I’m sure that I’m hitting the wall on some browsers (i.e. Caching confusion, delays, clicks and crashes), I’m also sure that the glass will be more filled than empty. For now!

Keeping an eye on nightly builds, I’m keeping the finger crossed!

06 May 2010
Citing Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend, DOCUMENTAAATIOOOOOOOON!
Added a documentation section: the first Akihabara tutorial appeared online. Meanwhile, I’m still working on stabilizing audio, bugfixing old things etc.

29 Apr 2010
I’ve decided to put together a little FAQ, that collects some questions I’ve read around and received by mail. Feel free to update/collaborate and… SOLVE! ;)

To all the collaborators and watchers:

Akihabara is quite young now, but something is still moving.
After the first release, customizable keyboard support was added and in these days I’m working on audio.
I’m seeing that collaborators are making the code something readable, that is vital for any project… so, we’re going along.

A day I’ll use this for writing some documentation, but for now more “vital” features are needed.

Thank you all for the support!

Updates on audio: I’m looking for some help on music composing / sound effects (Using cfxr @ Obviously lo-fi 8/16bit. Obviously with compatible license.
I’m trying to add sound to Leave Me Alone (the first game created), so I need just 2 or 3 musics (intro, ingame, ending possibly).
On the technical side, the actual “developing version” can ensure real time sounds and mixing on Opera (beta) and Safari, acceptable delays on Firefox and disastrous delays/skips on Chrome, caused by a strict caching policy – working on it. (all tests on my iMac) Surrended on iDevices with 3.1.x firmware (audio tag opens a full screen player), critical issues on iPad with (the only) fw 3.2.x (only one audio tag can play audio in the same time). Still hopes for 4.x but I don’t have any supported device at home.

I’ll keep trying for better results… hoping in new browser’s releases :)

Thank you again.

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