Add extra info to your React PropTypes.
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Sometimes, you might find it useful to extract information from your React components on runtime using their propTypes. However, this can be tragically difficult to extract meaningful information from because PropTypes is just a collection of functions.

Using this module adds additional properties onto the PropType validators, which you can use to extract extra information about what the propTypes actually are.

Exposed Properties

The following properties are exposed on every PropType:

  • typeName - Matches the name of the validator on PropTypes, such as string, 'bool', 'oneOf', etc.
  • typeRequired - If .isRequired was used in the propTypes definition, this is true. Otherwise, it is false.

For PropTypes that you pass an argument to (such as shape and oneOf), there's an additional property:

  • typeChecker - The argument that you passed to the PropType function.


import 'annotated-prop-types';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

console.log(PropTypes.string.typeName); // 'string'
console.log(PropTypes.string.typeRequired); // false
console.log(PropTypes.string.isRequired.typeRequired); // true

console.log(PropTypes.oneOf(['hello', 'world']).typeName); // 'oneOf'
console.log(PropTypes.oneOf(['hello', 'world']).typeRequired); // false
console.log(PropTypes.oneOf(['hello', 'world']).typeChecker); // ['hello', 'world']
console.log(PropTypes.oneOf(['hello', 'world']).isRequired.typeRequired); // true