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some crypto related middlewares for connect
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connect crypto utils


    npm install connect-crypto

query decryptor

decrypt predefined url parameters and reassigns the decrypted value to request.query

var queryDecryptor = require('connect-crypto').queryDecryptor;

var mypassword = '123123Foo';

// the server
var server = connect()      
        .use(queryDecryptor('p', mypassword)) // decrypt any url that has ?p=encryptedData (will turn to ?p=decryptedData)

// the server
var server = connect()      
        .use(queryDecryptor(['p1', 'p2'], mypassword)) // several querystring params can be decrypted 

further customization can be achieved by supplying an options object:

var options = {
    algorithm:              which algo is used for encyption/decryption, defaults to 'aes192'

    debug:                  debug mode will write errors from to console and alert if 
                            query middleware isn't installed

    decryptedDataEncoding:  encoding used to output decrypted data - must be the same encoding used in 
                            the encyption process - defaults to 'ascii'

    encryptedDataEncoding:  encoding used for encrypted data - defaults to 'base64' 

    .use(queryDecryptor('p', mypassword, options));

when using the options object, one may specify only a subset of the above options

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