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Creature Demos

This contains sample demos using the Creature Animation Tool. You are free to download and try the provided samples in this repository for your own purposes.

Creature Dragon Demo


Trailer Video for the plugin is here.

The DragonDemo is an archive under the directory CreatureDragon2D. The Demo character is authored in Creature and exported out into UE4 using Creature's UE4 runtimes. Actual character gameplay is done using BP.


Move Left - a

Move Right - d

Breathe Fire - s

Dinosaur Parade

A scene in the age of dinosaurs, with animation authored and exported from Creature into UE4. This shows 200+ Creature Characters in realtime running with the Creature UE4 Plugin. Demo is in the directory DinoProject.


Video demo is here.

Creature British Library Art Project

A demo scene consisting of multiple characters with artwork all sourced from the public domain British Library Flickr Archive is presented here. This demo is constructed in UE4 so you will need UE4.9 and above to open to run the project.

The scene demonstrates multiple advanced features of the Creature Animation Tool, including the usage of Force Field Motors for Cloth Dynamics, Custom Cycle Motors for walking and the Creature UE4 Runtime.

The actual animation logic for the walking pheasants and tapir is all authored using the UE4 Blueprints system.


View the Demo Video here.

Elephant Stomp: Game Tech Demo

Elephant Stomp! is a demo game showcasing the Creature Animation System and its UE4 Plugin. The entire game runs off the Creature UE4 Plugin and is written 100% in the BP system.

Control the Elephant and its Magic Rider battling waves of soldiers. As you take out the soldiers, you gain spell powers enabling you to either summon in a rain drop of fish from the heavens or call in a flock of deadly stampeding ostriches!

The character art from the game is from the public domain British Library Flickr Archive.


The demo exists in the directory BattleGame.


Movement - Click to the Left or Right of the Elephant to move

Summon Fish Raindrop - 1

Summon Ostrich Rush - 2

Stomp - Space

View the Demo Video here.


Creature Animation Demos/Samples



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