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Commits on Feb 11, 2013
  1. python: build html docs using sphinx

    Build instructions:
       make DESTIDIR=/tmp/... install
       make DESTIDIR=/tmp/... sphinx-html sphinx-man sphinx-epub ...
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
  1. python: add systemd.id128 module

    uuid.UUIDs are utilized to hold UUID values.
Commits on Feb 9, 2013
  1. man: typo fix in systemd.socket

    Michael Biebl authored
  2. @mezcalero

    update TODO

    mezcalero authored
  3. @mezcalero

    vconsole-setup: don't set the kbd mode to unicode if is is currently …

    mezcalero authored
    …in raw/off mode
    Let's not confuse X11
  4. @mezcalero
  5. @phomes

    tests: add test of strbuf

    phomes authored
  6. @mezcalero

    logind: rename "seat-master" tag to "master-of-seat"

    mezcalero authored
    We currently enforce that seats are to be named in the form of
    "seatXXX", i.e. need to begin with the 4 characters "seat". Thus,
    "seat-master" would qualify as a seat name. As seat names are frequently
    used as tags on devices, the "seat-master" tag might hence confuse
    logind if the user decides to name a seat "seat-master".
    Hence, avoid any ambuigity: let's rename the "seat-master" tag to
  7. @mezcalero

    update TODO

    mezcalero authored
Commits on Feb 8, 2013
  1. @mezcalero
  2. @mezcalero

    update TODO

    mezcalero authored
  3. @kaysievers
  4. @kaysievers
  5. @kaysievers
  6. @kaysievers
  7. systemd: fix uninitialized memory access in selinux

    ==6129== Syscall param socketcall.getsockopt(optlen) points to uninitialised byte(s)
    ==6129== at 0x312D0F325A: getsockopt (syscall-template.S:81)
    ==6129== by 0x4615E6: get_audit_data (selinux-access.c:268)
    ==6129== by 0x461A81: selinux_access_check (selinux-access.c:394)
    ==6129== by 0x453B23: bus_manager_message_handler (dbus-manager.c:1395)
    ==6129== by 0x313581D9C4: _dbus_object_tree_dispatch_and_unlock (dbus-object-tree.c:862)
    ==6129== by 0x313580FC1F: dbus_connection_dispatch (dbus-connection.c:4672)
    ==6129== by 0x44CD4C: bus_dispatch (dbus.c:528)
    ==6129== by 0x41292F: manager_loop (manager.c:1573)
    ==6129== by 0x40CD8E: main (main.c:1735)
    ==6129== Address 0x7fefff2c0 is on thread 1's stack
Commits on Feb 7, 2013
  1. @phomes

    tests: add more tests

    phomes authored
    Adds tests of:
  2. build-sys: fix build without -Wl,--gc-sections

    In 8d81eb8 the new library was added for libudev, use it for
    libsystemd-journal too.
  3. @kaysievers

    udev: remove HWDB_BIN

    kaysievers authored
  4. @phomes

    test-env-replace: assert results instead of printing them

    phomes authored
    Also code cleanup and split into functions in preparation for more tests
    to come.
  5. @kaysievers
  6. @davidstrauss

    build-sys: add libsystemd-id128 as libudev dependency

    davidstrauss authored committed
    After d848b9c 'Move generic specifier functions to shared' libudev
    depends (through) on  The
    problem only appears when the linker does not support --gc-sections
    and manifests itself as the inability to resolve sd_id128_get_machine
    and other libsystemd-id128 functions, which aren't really used.
  7. build-sys: restore man/index.html as link to systemd.index.html

    It got lost in the transformation to XML generation.

    Also fix formatting for kernel related fields, enabling them
    to show up in the directives index.
  9. @mirco

    coredump: make use of the cleanup macros

    mirco authored committed
  10. @mirco

    logs-show: show messages for all unit types in systemctl status

    mirco authored committed
    I can't find a reason why we shouldn't try to output messages for other
    unit types than .service, .socket, .mount and .swap as well. It's probably
    a leftover from before we started logging UNIT= from inside PID 1.
  11. @mirco
  12. @edolstra

    nss-myhostname: copy first result to preallocated buffer

    edolstra authored committed
    Fixes a segfault in nscd when using nss-myhostname.
    Nscd expects that an NSS module's gethostbyname4_r function returns
    its first result in the pre-allocated gaih_addrtuple denoted by **pat.
    (See nscd/aicache.c in the Glibc sources.)  However, nss-myhostname
    doesn't fill in **pat but allocates the first result in ‘buffer’, then
    sets *pat.  So nscd crashes (e.g. when running ‘getent ahosts
    Hard to tell if this is a bug in nscd, since there doesn't seem to be
    a proper API spec for gethostbyname4_r.  But in any case, this patch
    fixes the crash by copying the first result to **pat.
  13. man: describe unit load path in systemd.unit(5)

    In other cases where multiple directories are searched for unit files,
    the list of directories is described in the man page describing the
    format. I think this makes sense too in case of systemd directories,
    since the systemd(1) manpage already has an overview of many different
  14. build-sys: substitute strings in systemd.unit(5)

    authored is updated to deal with sources.  Nothing in the
    output is really changed yet, this is just preparation.
  15. systemd: raise level of message about lookup paths

    This can be pretty important for the user, and is not trivial
    to figure out in all cases.
    Also show failing path in error messages.
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