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A Simple Chat Server - Released under MIT License
A simple chat server build entirely with node.js a test server is available at room id
room id can be anything you want
Then share the URL with your friends so that they can join your room.
How to use:
1. You must have node and npm installed
2. Download the source, then in terminal type 'npm install' to install the dependencies.
3. Then type node app.js to run the app
4. Go to localhost:3000/unique+id
eg http://localhost:3000/12
12 is the dynamic room which you've created, similarly you can create any number of rooms when someone visits http://localhost:3000/12 they'll get connected to your room i.e 12
* Dynamic Chat Rooms
* Users online in a chat room
* Mobile Support (iPhone, iPad - mobile webkit tested)
* Delete the room from the array when no users are online
* Create a admin interface to view all the users connected and active rooms
* Create a index page that allows random generation of unique urls
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