Hide messages from users and bots, make Slack a Happy Place Again! 😁
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Hide messages from specific users, make Slack a Happy Place Again! 😁


Install Happy Slack! from Chrome Web Store.


  1. Hide messages from any User
  2. Hide messages from any bot
  3. Optionally allow messages to be hidden only from DMs

How To Use:

  1. Click on the extension icon or navigate to extension options.
  2. Enter the ID of the user/bot you want to block. NOTE: This ID is not the slack handle the user/bot has, but the unique ID that slack assigns to every User/Bot.
  3. You can get the ID by:
    1. Click on the user's/bot's name/photo from any channel
    2. Select View Profile
    3. The user/bot's profile will open in the side bar on the right hand side. Click on the downwards arrow icon besides Message.
    4. Select Copy Member ID
  4. You can block multiple users or bots by specifying their User IDs separated by ,.
  5. Make sure you want to make Slack a happy place again.
  6. Save!