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Kete was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. to build a digital library of Horowhenua material.

Updated Jan 27, 2016

Ruby 2 0


A slightly different take on a Rails shopping cart engine.

Updated Oct 23, 2014

Ruby 1 0


A Kete add-on that uses the Trollied gem to deliver ordering of items from Kete.

Updated Oct 23, 2014


forked from pothoven/attachment_fu

Treat an ActiveRecord model as a file attachment, storing its patch, size, content type, etc.

Updated May 13, 2014

Ruby 2 2


A Rails engine gem that works in conjunction with kete_gets_trollied to track where an item (with a corresponding physical archive) is physically located.

Updated Dec 23, 2013


forked from feedjira/feedjira

A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it dominates and eats all.

Updated Nov 13, 2013


Acts As Licensed is a plugin which provides a basic content licensing system to community centred Ruby On Rails applications. The plugin includes a set of Creative Commons New Zealand and Australian licenses, which can be imported (excluding the No Derivative Works variant).

Updated Nov 13, 2013


forked from rufo/rails-authorization-plugin

This plugin provides a flexible way to add authorization to Rails.

Updated Jul 11, 2013

Ruby 1 1


An add-on for Kete that replaces normal login and registration with a browserid based login.

Updated Jan 22, 2013


A Rails engine to answer oEmbed requests for application media asset models. I.e. this gem allows your application to act as an oEmbed Provider.

Updated Nov 8, 2012

Ruby 2 0


A variant of HTTP URL Validation is a Rails plugin that allows you to validate a URL entered in a form. It validates if the URL exists by hitting it with a HEAD request (and the improvements include retrying with other variants until it fails decisively).

Updated Jun 15, 2012

JavaScript 3 0


A jQuery and Sammy.js based mini-application for choosing from a list of providers' media assets (images, audio, video, etc.). Used OpenSearch and oEmbed.

Updated Apr 28, 2012

Ruby 1 0


A wrapper gem for installing so that the tinymce gem can use it.

Updated Apr 9, 2012

JavaScript 3 2


Using media_selector as the basis of a tinymce plugin for choosing from an existing image from a specified provider or uploading a new image to the provider and returning HTML for image to TinyMCE editor instance.

Updated Apr 9, 2012

Ruby 2 1


An add-on to the Kete application to provide content translations. Relies on the mongo_translatable gem.

Updated Jan 9, 2012


forked from Homebrew/legacy-homebrew

The missing package manager for OS X.

Updated Dec 11, 2011


A Ruby on Rails plugin (pre-Rails 3.1) that allows easy implementation of the TinyMCE editor into your applications.

Updated Oct 19, 2011

JavaScript 2 353


forked from apneadiving/Google-Maps-for-Rails

Enables easy display of items (taken from a Rails 3 model) with Google Map, OpenLayers, Bing or Mapquest. Geocoding + Directions included. Provides much options: markers customization, infowindows, auto-adjusted zoom, polylines, polygons, circles etc... See wiki for full description and examples.

Updated Sep 21, 2011

Ruby 7 1


Rails specific I18n model localization, ala Globalize2, backed by MongoDB rather than an RDBMS. May include UI elements, too.

Updated Mar 10, 2011

Ruby 3 1


If you have a model that has an attribute that is user submitted HTML, such as comment, etc. this is a useful plugin for warning the user that they have submitted insecure HTML code, such as form elements, or javascript.

Updated Dec 13, 2010

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