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Upgrade to and add jQuery plugin.

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joshproehl committed Jan 1, 2011
1 parent a8dc663 commit 5cba56c6c0cdfa4e455cc4b75ae849bb2d4448e2
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= Plugin Changelog

== Version 0.1.6
* Upgraded TinyMCE from 3.3.6 to (Josh Proehl)
* Added jQuery Plugin (Josh Proehl)
* Removed languages with incomplete translations. (Josh Proehl)

== Version 0.1.5 (unreleased)
* Added plugin support (see README and TinyMCE::Plugin class) (Kieran Pilkington)
* Added ERB support to fixtures (Daniel Tsadok)
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Version (2010-12-20)
Fixed issue where WebKit wouldn't correctly apply ins/del in xhtmlxtras plugin.
Fixed bug where paste as plaintext on WebKit wouldn't produce br and p elements correctly.
Fixed bug where the confirm dialog texts would be incorrectly placed due to recent IE 9 workarounds in the window.css.
Fixed bug where applying text color would not add spans inside link elements. This is needed due to CSS style inheritance.
Version (2010-09-29)
Fixed bug where placing the caret in IE 9 beta 1 would not work correctly if you clicked out side the document body element.
Fixed bug where IE 9 beta 1 wouldn't resize the editor correctly since the events didn't fire as previous versions did.
Fixed bug where FF would produce an error message when being rendered inside a hidden div element.
Fixed bug where resize logic could produce a cookie with a width/height less than the size of the container.
Fixed bug where content_css wouldn't populate the styles dropdown correctly.
Version (2010-09-23)
Fixed bug where WebKit browsers wouldn't activate the image button when images where selected.
Fixed bug where Opera Presto 10.60 deletes elements when restoring bookmarks.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 doesn't handle regexp replacement values correctly.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 didn't render the inline dialogs correctly due to a bug with CSS clip.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would produce error messages on load since they removed the document.recalc method.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would produce <html xmlns=""> since they haven't implemented document.implementation.createDocument correctly.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would searchreplace doesn't work since their native DOM Range doesn't have a find method.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would render the source view incorrectly due to incorrect viewport size measurements.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would crash when running the basic functionality unit tests.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would wrap elements in blocks correctly due to changes to the selection object.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would fail to insert contents since they havn't implemented the createContextualFragment method in their DOM Range.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would fail to handle image selection since they currently doesn't support control selections in their DOM Range.
Fixed bug where IE9 beta1 would fail to load scripts since they fire the onload event before the scripts are parsed and executed.
Version 3.3.9 (2010-09-08)
Fixed bug where inserting table rows into a table with subtable would produce an incorrect column count.
Fixed bug where the selection of cells in a table with subtables could produce invalid selections.
Fixed bug where the table plugin would produce a script error if you tried to move the caret before a first child table.
Fixed bug where the keep_styles feature on IE would move the caret to an incorrect location at the end of list blocks.
Fixed so attributes from legacy elements such as font gets retained when they get converted to spans.
Fixed minor issue where the select boxes wouldn't be set the not set by default in the table dialog.
Version 3.3.8 (2010-06-30)
Fixed bug where WebKit would not move the caret to a correct position after a paste operation.
Fixed bug where WebKit would produce a div wrapper element when pasting some contents.
Fixed bug where the visual chars and nonbreaking plugin wouldn't show nbsp elements correctly.
Fixed bug where the format states would be enabled even after the format was removed.
Fixed bug where the delete key would move the caret to an incorrect position.
Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to toggle of the current font size/family/style by clicking the title item.
Fixed bug where the abbr element wouldn't get serialized correctly on IE6.
Fixed so that the examples checks if they are executed from the local file system since that might not work properly.
Version 3.3.7 (2010-06-10)
Fixed bug where context menu would produce an error on IE if you right clicked twice and left clicked once.
Fixed bug where resizing of the window on WebKit browsers in fullscreen mode wouldn't position the statusbar correctly.
Fixed bug where IE would produce an error if the editor was empty and you where undoing to that initial level.
Fixed bug where setting the table background on gecko would produce \" entities inside the url style property.
Fixed bug where the button states wouldn't be updated correctly on IE if you placed the caret inside the new element.
Fixed bug where undo levels wasn't properly added after applying styles or font sizes.
Fixed bug where IE would throw an error if you used "select all" on empty elements and applied formatting to that.
Fixed bug where IE could select one extra character when you did a bookmark call on a caret location.
Fixed bug where IE could produce a script error on delete since it would sometimes produce an invalid DOM.
Fixed bug where IE would return the wrong start element if the whole element was selected.
Fixed bug where formatting states wasn't updated on IE if you pressed enter at the end of a block with formatting.
Fixed bug where submenus for the context menu wasn't removed correctly when the editor was destroyed.
Fixed bug where Gecko could select the wrong element after applying format to multiple elements.
Fixed bug where Gecko would delete parts of the previous element if the selection range was a element selection.
Fixed bug where Gecko would not merge paragraph elements correctly if they contained br elements.
Fixed bug where the cleanup button could produce span artifacts if you pressed it twice in a row.
Fixed bug where the fullpage plugin header/footer would be have it's header reseted to it's initial state on undo.
Fixed bug where an empty paragraph would be collapsed if you performed a cleanup while having the caret inside it.
Fixed a few memory leaks on IE especially with drop menus in listboxes and the spellchecker.
Fixed so formats applied to the current caret gets merged to reduce the number of output elements.
Added the latest version of Sizzle for the CSS selector logic to fix a compatibility issue with prototype.
Version 3.3.6 (2010-05-20)
Fixed bug where a editor.focus call could produce errors on IE in very specific scenarios.
Fixed bug where Gecko would produce an error if you unformatted text inside an empty element.
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3. Copy the source files of TinyMCE (not the documentation) to lib/tiny_mce/assets/tiny_mce (so in that folder you should have a tiny_mce.js file)
4. Update CHANGELOG_TINYMCE (simply download and overwrite the contents with that of
5. Update lib/tiny_mce/valid_tinymce_options.yml with any new options, or remove old ones, as described in the tinymce changelog
6. Download all 'Complete' locales from, unpack, and copy into place
6. Download all 'Complete' locales from, unpack, and copy into place
7. Update lib/tiny_mce/valid_tinymce_langs.yml with any new languages, or remove old/incomplete ones
8. Update the CHANGELOG_PLUGIN.rdoc to say what you upgraded from, what you upgraded to, and your name
9. Update the 'Bundled TinyMCE version' value at the bottom of README.rdoc
@@ -222,4 +222,4 @@ This plugin was created by Blake Watters <>

This plugin is currently maintained by Kieran Pilkington <>

Bundled TinyMCE version: 3.3.6
Bundled TinyMCE version:

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