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# Make sure the tiny_mce gem has been loaded before we declare any plugins
require 'tiny_mce'
# We need to make sure that the TinyMCE Editor sources are already in place
# or any changes we make may be overwritten later
# Create the TinyMCE Paste Plugin. Inherit from TinyMCE::Plugin which sets a
# default self.install method, which installs all files in self.assets_path
# into the public/javascripts/tiny_mce directory
class TinyMCEPaste < TinyMCE::Plugin
# This lets the TinyMCE::Plugin classes install method know where to find
# the assets we need to install. If were overwrite the self.install method
# here, then we don't need to provide this line
self.assets_path = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'assets')
# Finally, tell the TinyMCEPaste Plugin to install itself. The install method
# can be overwritten in the class definition above. TinyMCE::Plugin provide a
# default one that will work fine in this example