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snapman: a simple EC2 snapshot manager

Creates EC2 snapshots of a given EBS volume and keeps around a configurable set phased over increasing intervals

Example --days 1,2,3,4,5,6,1w,2w,3w vol-abcde

This takes a snapshot of vol-abcde and deletes all but one snapshot per day for the last week, plus two more at 2 and 3 weeks old


  • for EC2 credentials, use boto's configuration files or environment variables
  • if you're snapshotting a volume that's mounted, make sure to wrap snapman in a script that makes the snapshot consistent (e.g. xfs_freeze or pg_start_backup)


  • python 2.6
  • boto
  • pytz
  • python-dateutil

To do

  • don't delete snapshots that we didn't create, or at least make that the default (perhaps by checking the description prefix)
  • keep snapshots mounted and accessible at /${mountpoint}/.snap/${timestamp}/ (can we do this without creating volumes out of every snapshot?)
  • options to only create snapshot, only expire snapshots, and only print what snapshots would be deleted
  • detect and warn that the given --days setting can't keep all of the requested backups instead of relying on --simulate
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