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OME owl Open Markup Editor

An okay markup editor designed for multiple markup languages and fully customizable HTML rendering.

Open Markup Editor in action!

Built-in Features

  • Markup Support:
  • Render themes!
    • Comes with GitHub and a Default theme
  • Custom colorization
    • Windows 10+ automatic adapting based upon current color scheme
  • Custom fonts
  • Automatic file reloading on change
  • Full CodeMirror editor pack
    • All CodeMirror themes
    • vim, emacs, sublime keybinding support
    • Tabs or spaces, along with default spaces per tab
  • And more!


A key feature of OME is that of modularity, made possible through NPM modules named Packs.

Through this system, four different types of packs can be created:

The purpose of these is outlined in the primary packs document with further details listed on each pack type's individual documentation.


Download the latest release and install as below (or otherwise).

Arch Linux / Manjaro

Download the open-markup-editor-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.pacman file and install by issuing the following in the terminal:

# sudo pacman -U open-markup-editor-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.pacman

Mac OS

Mount the Open.Markup.Editor-MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.dmg file and extract the Open Markup application into wherever you wish for OME to be installed to. Once this is done, right-click the app and select Open.


Either download and run the Open.Markup.Editor.Setup-2.3.0.exe or Open.Markup.Editor-2.3.0.exe. The first file installs OME system-wide while the second file can be considered as portable.


Clone this repository, then:

# cd open-markup-editor
# npm i

After this, either run npm run start to start OME for development or npm run dist to build packages/installers for your current platform.

... this document and those in docs/ have been happily written in Open Markup Editor. :)