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submodules-install - NPM Submodules Installer

This module provides a system for calling npm i, yarn install, or a custom command on a list of locations, ultimately providing automatic submodule installation.


Install via npm:

npm i submodules-install --save

Or Yarn:

yarn add submodules-install

Add an array of strings using glob syntax or specially formatted objects to your package.json:

"submodules": [
    "path": "my_subdir3",
    "cmd": "go",
    "args": ["build"]

Then run:

npx submodules-install

Alternatively, you may also use preinstall, postinstall, or otherwise:

"scripts": {
  "preinstall": "submodules-install"

Submodules Object

If an object is provided to the submodules array, it should match the following structure:

  path: String,     // Target glob to search.
  cmd: String,      // Optional. Command to use to run the install. Defaults to npm or yarn if a `yarn.lock` file is found.
  args: [String],   // Optional. Arguments to pass to the command. Defaults to `i` under npm or `install` under yarn.
  contains: String, // Optional. File to find in the glob result directory. Defaults to `package.json` if using npm or yarn.