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@@ -10,15 +10,18 @@ Then I caught a talk on the `node.js`_ server, and saw a way.
In my environment, this cuts jslint invocation time in half.
-This project also depends on the Express_ framework.
+This project also depends on the Express_ framework, with the connect-form
+and haml packages. I recommend installation with npm_ to manage these
The ``jslint.curl`` script depends on curl, but you can easily
reproduce it with any other http client.
.. _flymake-mode:
.. _JSLint:
.. _node.js:
-.. _Express:
+.. _Express:
+.. _npm:
@@ -75,4 +78,4 @@ looks like the MIT License with one additional clause:
The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.
-.. __: LICENSE
+.. __: LICENSE

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