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//Based on tutorial
// Node.js & Express From Scratch [Parts 1~12]
// Shows how to set up server with express and node.js, 
// How to make html-like pages to view
// How to make get, post, delete requests
// How to read data from db onto the page, how to write data from form into the db

// how to install on windows is also walked through in Parts 1~2 of NodeJS and Express from Scratch by Traversy Media

//start the server
$npm install
$node app

// Go to browser localhost:3000/
// Go to localhost:3000/quizzes/add   to see how the form is working for adding quizzes

// node.js , express
// mongoDB with ORM mongoose
//files for the html-like files are in views   using EJS, which is like html and php to get data from the database

For MongoDB
>cd c:\mongodb\bin
> mongo     //to run the shell
> show dbs
>use nodeqb    //this is a database
> db.users.find().pretty()   //There will be 4 table/collections in the database: quizzes, users, questions, scores
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