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Installation Instructions
== Linux
You will need zlib and autotools installed to compile craftd.
First, download the latest libevent from
Extract the archive and run the following commands inside the resulting folder:
make install
Note that users of sudo will probably need to wrap the last two commands with
Second, do a similar routine with jansson, found at
You can omit the ldconfig part.
Next, change to your craftd directory. If you obtained the code from our git repo
and you have not done so, run autoreconf -i. This will create a configure script
for you.
Run the following commands to install the server:
make install
Now you can configure your server. Copy the file /usr/local/etc/craftd/craftd.conf.dist
to /usr/local/etc/craftd/craftd.conf and edit the resulting file. For more information on
configuring the server, see
Please note that unlike the official server, craftd will not generate a world if one is not
provided. You will need to put valid world data in the world directory specified in the
server configuration file until the mapgen is integrated.