Salt formula for inn, the InterNetNews service
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Salt formula for inn, the InterNetNews service.

Implementation choices:

  • It functions as a self-contained spooler/reader on a single server and tries to ensure best practice for a text feed.
  • The formula is specific to the FreeBSD packaging and only carries conf files which need to change.
  • tradspool and tradindexed overview because ZFS makes this childsplay on modern hardware. Check out innreport to get an idea of volume for a text-only public Usenet service for Big-8. I expect unlimited retention with current disk sizes.

Getting started

For a private node, decide if you want to create local groups only, or if you want to set up suck to pull from a public server. If local groups only, delete actsync stuff.

For a public Usenet service, you will need to arrange peering and edit the newsfeeds, innfeed.conf, and incoming.conf.

Take a look at all the things in the files directory and edit them in accordance with man pages and the INN FAQ.


Out of the box NoCeM is enabled. There's a gpg keyring that accepts, but a couple of these no longer work with GnuPG 2.1.


This is the main formula for setting up inn and associated tasks.


Basic cleanfeed settings to ensure a high quality text feed. Highly recommended.


This will allow you to suck news from a public reader server if you want a backup to peering or do not wish to run an internet facing node.


The server defaults to allow all read-only, but posting must be authenticated.

Authorized posting users are stored in the pillar as username:cryptpwhash pairs.