Network Visualization for Large Datasets 📈 2nd Place MIT CAVE Lab Hackathon
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As the systems we deal with on a daily basis grow in complexity, our bare brains become incapable of making sense of the world around us. An important solution to this pressing problem is the development of intuitive, interactive, and widely available interfaces that democratize the ability to understand these systems. Coming from a background in data science, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction, we are passionate about using our skills to help everyone understand the problems around them.

What it does

stalagmites is able to visualize large datasets with ease using networks, adding extra features to get more information about the dataset, as well as making changes to it and visualize their consequences. Our network reconfigures all the costs, times and connections if a node is deleted.

How we built it

This app was built using vis.js library. Programmed in JavaScript and HTML5.

Challenges we ran into

vis.js is a vast library and one of the main challenges we ran into were to incorporate it with our desired functions. For example, there was no support for saving the data into an excel workbook after making changes to the network. We ended up putting much more time into this feature than expected, and thought it'd be best to complete it in future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with an unfamiliar library and successfully implementing its features into our application. Furthermore, this app gives valuable insights into a dataset, and a good mechanism for Risk Management of a network.

What we learned

Building a Supply Chain Network from ground up using large datasets, and implementing modern visualization tools

What's next for stalagmites

  • Ability to save the changes made in the network into a new downloadable Excel Workbook
  • Adding more performance parameters

Built With

  • vis-js
  • javascript
  • html5