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Thank you for downloading the Chatters Channel Server.
Please take the time to read through the documentation carefully.
*** Installing ***
To start your server, simply run Chatters.dmb, either through Dream Seeker or Dream Daemon. Your first time running the program, it will unpack the hosting files into the current directory. You may wish to review the documentation once it is upacked.
*** Updating ***
If you already have hosting files in your server's directory, it is recommended that you remove them and use the files provided in the hosting package that came with yuor dmb. You should be able to restore your configuration files and channel save files once updated.
At the very least, you should open with winzip or other unzipping utility that supports zip files, and extract the rsc file to the current directory. Failing to do so may result in errors, and your sever failing to start.
*** More Info ***
Consult REALEASE.TXT for up to date information on this specific build.
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