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The aim of this package is to make it easier to create command line applications is PHP. It process arguments into valid php data types and provides automatic help and version arguments.


  1. Create a new argument parser object passing it name, description and version

    $parser = new ArgumentParser('My App', 'A short description', '1.0');

  2. Add some arguments

    $parser->addArgument(array( 'argument' => '--my-argument', // long argument name 'alias' => '-m', // short argument 'type' => 'string', // the PHP data type 'default' => 'foo', // default argument, 'helpText' => 'This is a help message...', 'variable' => 'myArg', // a variable name to access it later ));

  3. Parse the arguments

    $args = $parser->parseArguments();

  4. Argument values are the available as an array or properties

    $args['myArg']; // 'foo' $args->myArg; // 'foo'


See the demo.php file for an example of how to use the library. You can execute it on the command line with php demo.php

Data Types

The data types that are available are;

  • string
  • integer
  • float
  • boolean
  • array

The following boolean values equate to false;

  • 0
  • false
  • no
  • n
  • '' (empty string)

When processing values into an array, you must provide a comma separated list

$ php myscript.php --myarray=foo,bar,baz

// returns
array('foo', 'bar', 'baz');


My default, the version (-v, --version) and help (-h, --help) arguments are set automatically.

Version History

  • 0.1 (30 July 2011)