Training materials for a jQuery Bootcamp at Cal State Monterey Bay
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By Kevin Miller - Copyleft 2011

This is all my notes from a jQuery Bootcamp at Cal State Monterey Bay. If you're lucky, you might find the webpage for it at This file is actually the script for the presentation, so follow along, open a cold something, and let's get crackin!


  1. Welcome
    • Some house-cleaning:
      • We assume you know something about HTML and CSS
      • Questions are good, but we'll have breaks every 30 min where those of you who are ahead can play what we've learned so far, while I walk around and help out.
    • Our textbook: jQuery Fundamentals
    • Dreamweaver rant
      • Many people use it, it's a good code editor, but beware it's affect on your JS
  2. A (brief) history of JavaScript
    • Why you need to know JavaScript: you don't have a choice
    • No, it's not Java: Netscape & Sun
    • No, it's not Applets: Let's try to forget the "a" word
    • AJAX and the rebirth of the JS landscape
    • JSON and the discovery of a standard
  3. JavaScript Intro
    • Scripting language - no compiler
    • Everything is an object (almost!)
    • Functions are objects as well (the most confusing part)
    • Let the pros describe the basics, let's look at jQuery Fundamentals chapter two
  4. The DOM
    • Understanding the DOM is the best way to understand CSS, HTML, and jQuery
    • Ideas of parents, children, siblings, and ancestors
    • Let's tie these concepts to CSS Selectors: spaces, attributes like class and ID, child
    • Also tied into the DOM is the way the browser renders a page
      • The old browser flow:
      • The new browser flow is continuous with events triggered all the time.
  5. Why jQuery is important
    • The old way: The DOM APIs suck
      • onLoad events, etc, made HTMl messy
    • The jQuery way: selectors, selectors, and more selectors!
      • Better code reuse
      • Less code
      • Separation between content and behavior, just like CSS separated content from style
  6. The basics: Selectors
    • How selectors work
    • Practice selectors in sandbox.html
    • Learn your console: FireBug or Web Developer in Webkit browsers
  7. The basics: Making objects
    • The $ object
    • Creating new objects
    • Inserting objects
    • Cloning objects
    • Other object insertion/wrapping techniques
    • Attributes
  8. The basics: Styling
    • The .css function
    • The .addClass and .removeClass functions
    • Dimensions and box model like .width() & .height()
  9. The basics: Events
    • Events physical reenactment: everyone gets a card and yells when they see their event on the button on the screen
    • The basic "bind" function
    • Bind shortcuts
  10. The basics: Effects
    • Show and Hide
    • Fade in and out
    • Slide up and down
    • Toggle
    • Custom events with "animate"
  11. AJAX


Learn all you ever wanted to about how browsers render content:

####Crockford on JavaScript

Spend like six hours with Douglas Crockford, where he talks about JavaScript, Computer Science, and everything you needed to know about this amazing and frustrating environment.

####jQuery Introduction

A fourteen-year-old can get this people! Well, a very smart fourteen-year-old...

####Faster HTML and CSS: Layout Engine Internals for Web Developers

A very interesting talk by a senior Mozilla developer about how Mozilla renders content