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BannedUntil on TempBanUser takes a unix timestamp now.

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commit 84f7274d0b0e9bd9f5443c22f806fff672e66a0f 1 parent de6e843
keverw authored
2  AuroraService/addon-modules/AuroraWebUI/Modules/WebUIHandler.cs
@@ -1161,7 +1161,7 @@ private OSDMap TempBanUser(OSDMap map)
OSDMap resp = new OSDMap();
resp["Finished"] = OSD.FromBoolean(true);
UUID agentID = map["UserID"].AsUUID();
- DateTime until = map["BannedUntil"].AsDate();
+ DateTime until = Util.ToDateTime(map["BannedUntil"].AsInteger()); //BannedUntil is a unixtime stamp of the day the user should be banned till
doBan(agentID, until);
return resp;
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