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Random Quotes Script
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Random Quotes Script version 1.0.1

A simple random quote PHP and MySQL script! The script is under a modified BSD License. Please read LICENSE.txt for more details.

To install create a database, import randomquotes.sql and edit config.php inside of the system folder. Enter in your database host, username, password and database name. Edit the master title variable with the name for your site, after that edit the slogan, site url. If you have a twitter user enter it after that also else blank it out or delete that variable.

Default login:

username: admin
password: sexybabe

Please change the password by making a new MD5 version. Then update it with phpMyAdmin! createpass.php should help or use your *nix command line.

Just putting this out there. Feel free to fork/edit/improve. If you make any cool changes, maybe even they could be merged in to this "Official version".
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