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UCB MIDS W205 Summer 2018 - Kevin Crook's suggestions for taking the w205 content and expanding it to add to your data science portfolio

A lot of students in the w205 tell me they are bored, that the curriculum is not challenging enough for them. If this is the case, then my suggestion would be to use the time to build up your data science portfolio.

A sample skeleton outline of a data science portfolio is available at this link:

Below are my suggestions to take what we have done in synchronous sessions or in assignments and expand into additions to your data science portfolio:

  • Data Engineering Portfolio

  • Big Data Analytics Portfolio

    • Key Value NoSQL Database - take what we did in synch session 5 with Redis and the trips csv file and write up an article about key value NoSQL databases, using Redis and the csv file as an example. During class we had a breakout, those would be good questions to address in your article.

    • Using Google BigQuery, similar to assignment 5, create a Jupyter Notebook of Python with numpy, pandas, matplotlib, etc. for other public datasets besides the Bay Area Bike Share dataset.

  • Blockchain Analytics Portfolio

    • In the previous suggestion to produce a Jupyter Notebook of analytics for other datasets, one dataset is the Bitcoin blockchain. Creating a similar Jupyter Notebook of Python with numpy, pandas, mathplotlib, etc. analyzing some aspect of the Bitcoin blockchain or the transactions, transaction sizes, etc.