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import sys
f = open ("Sequences.txt","r")
output = open('Output.txt', 'w')
seqB = f.readline()
seqA = f.readline()
seqB = seqB[:-1]
seqA = "-"+seqA
seqB = "-"+seqB
#Sets the values for match, mismatch, and gap.
match = 1
mismatch = 0
gap = -1
row = len(seqA)
col = len(seqB)
#Function to print out matrix. Used for testing.
def print_matrix():
for i in range(row):
#Creates blank matrix
def create_matrix(row,col):
A = [0] * row
for i in range(row):
A[i] = [0] * col
return A
def isMatch(i,j):
if seqA[i] == seqB[j]:
matchVal = match
matchVal = mismatch
return matchVal
#Returns the new value if diagonal is used
def diag(i,j):
return A[i-1][j-1] + isMatch(i,j)
#Returns the new value if up is used
def up(i,j):
return A[i-1][j] + isMatch(i,j) + gap
#Returns the new value if left is used
def left(i,j):
return A[i][j-1] + isMatch(i,j) + gap
#Fills matrix with correct scores.
def complete_matrix(row,col):
for i in range(1,row):
for j in range(1,col):
A[i][j] = max(0,diag(i,j),up(i,j),left(i,j))
return A
#FInd the highest scoring cell.
def get_max(A):
local_max = [[0,0]]
for i in range(row):
for j in range(col):
if A[i][j] == A[local_max[0][0]][local_max[0][1]]:
elif A[i][j] > A[local_max[0][0]][local_max[0][1]]:
local_max = [[i,j]]
return local_max
#Gives you the next location.
def get_next(A,location):
i = location[0]
j = location[1]
maxVal = max(A[i-1][j-1],A[i-1][j]+gap,A[i][j-1]+gap)
if A[i-1][j-1] == maxVal:
return [i-1,j-1]
#Is this the right ordering of the three?
elif A[i][j-1]+gap == maxVal:
return [i,j-1]
return [i-1,j]
#Traces the path back given starting location
def trace_back(A,tracer):
if A[tracer[len(tracer)-1][0]][tracer[len(tracer)-1][1]] == 0:
return tracer
next_cell = get_next(A,tracer[len(tracer)-1])
return trace_back(A,tracer)
#Uses tracer to return final sequence
def get_seq(A,tracer,k,seq):
if k == 0:
original_sequence = seqA
original_sequence = seqB
N = len(tracer)
for i in range(0,N-1):
if tracer[i][k] == tracer[i+1][k]+1:
seq = seq + original_sequence[tracer[i][k]]
elif tracer[i][k] == tracer[i+1][k]:
seq = seq + "-"
return seq
#Shows the relevant lines for matching pairs
def get_middle(finalA,finalB):
middle = ""
for k in range(len(finalA)):
mid = " "
if finalA[k] == finalB[k]:
mid = "|"
middle = middle + mid
return middle
A = create_matrix(row,col)
A = complete_matrix(row,col)
num_answers = len(get_max(A))
for i in range(num_answers):
tracer = trace_back(A,[get_max(A)[i]])
#print A[get_max(A)[i][0]][get_max(A)[i][1]]
finalA = get_seq(A,tracer,0,"")
finalB = get_seq(A,tracer,1,"")
finalA = finalA[::-1]
finalB = finalB[::-1]
middle = get_middle(finalA,finalB)
#print tracer
print "Algorithm run successfully"