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Django API with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS-Resource

This sample project is the companion of a blog post on how to get started with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS.


To setup and run the sample code, you're going to need npm from NodeJS available to install the frontend code.



If you have a docker host, you can simply use docker-compose to build the example, then open http://localhost:

docker-compose up


You're encouraged to setup a virtualenv to work in prior to configuring the dependencies.

  1. Install Python Requirements

     pip install -r requirements.txt
     python develop
  2. Install Bower + Grunt

     npm install -g grunt-cli bower
  3. Install Assets

     npm install
     bower install
  4. Compile Assets

  5. Setup the Database

     make create_database; make make_fixtures
  6. Run the Server

     ./ runserver