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* Runs checks for common issues that can affect performance of the library.
echo "\n\n======================================================\n";
echo "Begin Tropo WebAPI compatibility check.\n\n";
// Check to essure proper PHP version.
$version = phpversion();
if (strnatcmp($version,'5.3.0') >= 0) {
echo "OK PHP Version: $version\n";
echo "WARNING - PHP Version: This library may not perform as expected wih the version of PHP you are currently running: { $version }.\n";
// Check to see if errors/warnings are displayed.
if(ini_get('display_errors') == 0) {
echo "OK Display errors: disabled.\n";
else {
echo "WARNING Display errors: Errors are displayed. This may cause issues with how JSON is rendered for Tropo.\n";
echo "\n======================================================\n\n";