Batch Read to File #2

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ginmn commented Feb 1, 2014

This there an issue with batch read to file? It seems with any option T1,2,3,or CSV output differs from single read. Newbie here, can't tell if encoding is issue or something else. Looked through CHCSVParser.h and NSData+MagStripeEncode, not seeing. Just hoping to batch read to CSV for DB import.

ginmn commented Feb 8, 2014

Is there a way to switch the protocol for the device from native to ASCII mode? I think this would address the issue above with the CSV output (some 64-bit or whatever formatting) for batch read. Any suggestions on how it could be possible to get ASCII data or "keyboard emulation" when doing batch read to CSV? Just want to batch read into CSV with no data encoding so the CSV can be database imported. It seems that with the device set to ASCII mode, the communication occurs at a specific baud rate, not expert enough to know if this would help with keyboard emulation or the currently working batch read to CSV happening in ASCII comma separated text.

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