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This repository holds the source code and all files for


Here are some of the tools used to put together this repo.

  • Markdown is a language that lets you write easy-to-read text, which can be converted easily to HTML. For example, surrounding text with bullets, *like this*, will convert that to italics in HTML, like this.

    This README is a Markdown file. In addition, the file is a Markdown file, which is auto-converted to the index.html file. The index.html file is what you read when you visit the site homepage.

  • Markdown.css is a CSS tool I wrote to make your Markdown HTML output look pretty, without much effort. It converts everything to Georgia, adds spaces and padding where needed.

  • Fabric is a tool that lets you move code from your local computer to a remote server (the one hosting in one command. For example, I can type:

      fab deploy

    And any changes I've made on my laptop will get pushed to the website. This is an extremely useful tool that saves a ton of time when pushing new code to the website.

  • Git is a tool that lets you keep track of various versions of a file, without having to save different files with names like "Homepage", "Homepage 1 (revised)", "Homepage 1 (new) (revised) (copy)", etc. Git keeps track of the differences between versions of your file, and you can flip between them at will. Click here to see the updates that have been made to the files in this folder.


There are a lot of improvements I'd like to make! Feel free to help out.

  • Adding a Profiles page with a photo and description of each student.
  • Adding unique subdomains for each student.
  • Adding instructions for uploading files via FTP to each subdomain.