Go command line client for the CircleCI API
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This is a wrapper for the CircleCI API. Currently we use it to fetch the latest build for a branch, and wait for tests to finish on that branch. This fork exists because I left Shyp and wanted to keep developing the tool.


$ circle
The circle binary interacts with a server that runs your tests.


	circle command [arguments]

The commands are:

	cancel              Cancel the current build.
	enable              Enable CircleCI tests for this project.
	open                Open the latest branch build in a browser.
	rebuild             Rebuild a given test branch.
	version             Print the current version
	wait                Wait for tests to finish on a branch.
	download-artifacts  Download all artifacts.

Use "circle help [command]" for more information about a command.

In particular, circle wait will print live statistics about how long each of your build steps are taking in each container. If the build fails, circle wait will download the console output from the failed build step, and display it in the console. wait also displays statistics about how long each step of your build took.

$ circle wait
Waiting for latest build on my-branch to complete
Build on my-branch succeeded!

Step                                         0
Spin up Environment                          1.07s
Checkout code                                730ms
Restoring Cache                              250ms
make race-test                               16.76s
Saving Cache                                 80ms

Tests on my-branch took 21s. Quitting.

Token Management

This library will look for your Circle API token in ~/cfg/circleci and (if that does not exist, in ~/.circlerc). The configuration file should look like this:


    token = "aabbccddeeff00"

You can specify any organization name you want.


Find your target operating system (darwin, windows, linux) and desired bin directory, and modify the command below as appropriate:

curl --silent --location --output /usr/local/bin/circle https://github.com/kevinburke/go-circle/releases/download/0.33/circle-linux-amd64 && chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/circle

The latest version is 0.33.

If you have a Go development environment, you can also install via source code:

go get -u github.com/kevinburke/go-circle/...

This should place a circle binary in $GOPATH/bin, so for me, ~/bin/circle.