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Good Morning 5C Club Constitution
Article 1
Name: Good Morning 5C
Article 2
Purpose: The purpose of Good Morning 5C is to lobby the 5C
schools for an event notification and calendaring system that students
actually use. We categorically reject bad design, obscure URL's, PDF
attachments, and the caps lock key. Until such time as the 5C schools
implement a suitable event notification and calendaring system, we
will provide a daily email service to 5C students containing a summary
of everything happening on campus on the day of the email. Neither
snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor catastrophic hardware
failure will stay our couriers from the completion of their appointed
email delivery.
Article 3
Membership Requirements:
Section 1
Limitations: Membership is unlimited, although in
practice, a membership would be of limited use to someone who is not
a 5C student, faculty member, or staff member.
Section 2
Types of Membership: There are two types of membership:
subscribers and executives.
To become a subscriber, simply submit your email address online at
To become an executive, fork the Mercurial repository at, add your name to the
members.txt file, and submit a pull request.
To remove yourself from the list of executives, fork the Mercurial
repository at, remove your
name from the members.txt file, and submit a pull request.
Article 4 Officers:
Section 1
Titles: Titles are overrated. Good Morning 5C can have as
many executives as it likes.
Section 2
Terms of Office: Good Morning 5C welcomes contributions from its
executives for as long as they are willing to contribute to the
Section 3
Duties of Executives: Executives must send out a daily
email to all subscribers every day that school is in session.
Executives are responsible for maintaining the website, being
responsive to the desires of the community, and for raising funds
each fiscal year.
Section 4
Seniority: The executive with the largest number of
commits to the Mercurial repository will have seniority, in case of
a dispute.
Section 5
Admin rights: Administration rights to the Mercurial
repository can be granted to new executives if 2/3rds of the
existing executives vote to approve it.
Article 5 Elections
Section 1
If club-wide elections have to be held for any reason,
each executive will receive five thousand votes, and each subscriber
will receive one.
Article 6
Meetings: Good Morning 5C will not have regular meetings
unless there is urgent business to discuss.
Article 7
Committees: Good Morning 5C does not have committees.
Article 8
Dues: Good Morning 5C welcomes donations from subscribers, but
does not collect dues.
Article 9
Amendments: Amendments to the Constitution require a 50% + 1
Amajority of executive votes. Rewrites or deletions require a 2/3rds
Amajority of executive votes.
Subscribers: As of April 8, 2011, there are 509 subscribers at CMC and
283 subscribers at Pomona. The majority of these members read the email
every morning. A list can be provided upon request.
Kevin Burke
Orlan Davies
Ana Kakkar
Good Morning 5C is a daily email service giving students everything they
need to know to start their day.