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import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
import urllib2
from message_all_users import TwilioMessage
def main():
'''get the snack menu, construct SMS message, call send method'''
snack_url = ''
opened_url = urllib2.urlopen(snack_url)
snack_xml =
the_tree = etree.fromstring(snack_xml)
the_snack = the_tree.findall(".//txtTitle")
the_snack_text = ""
if the_snack:
the_snack_element = the_snack[0]
if hasattr(the_snack_element, 'text'):
the_snack_text = the_snack_element.text
if not the_snack_text:
the_message = "No snack tonight. Sorry :("
the_message = """Tonight's snack: %s. Tell your friends: Unsub: reply 'u' to this number""" % the_snack_text
# send the message
twilio_message = TwilioMessage()
if __name__ == "__main__":